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The Coastal Concierge Partners with Orana Stay to Redefine Hospitality

Sarasota, FL, April 23, 2024 - The Coastal Concierge of Sarasota, renowned for its impeccable white-glove guest concierge services, is delighted to unveil an innovative partnership with Orana Stay, the trailblazing creators of fully branded and curated digital guidebooks, with bases in Sydney, Australia, and New York, USA. This alliance heralds a new chapter in hospitality technology, seamlessly blending personalized guest interactions with cutting-edge digital solutions, thus setting an unprecedented standard in the industry.

Chris Morton, Founder of The Coastal Concierge, exudes excitement about this venture, asserting, "Our collaboration will seamlessly integrate technology with personalized guest interactions, crafting a bespoke platform that meets guests precisely where they are in their hospitality journey. Whether guests lean towards a fully digital experience or seek live, local concierge assistance, our partnership delivers a platform tailored to their communication preferences."

Morton emphasizes the enduring value of live guest interaction, stating, "While many digital guest guides offer convenience, we firmly believe in the enduring importance of human interaction. Guests should have the option to engage with a genuine, locally-based individual equipped with extensive relationships and local insights, particularly when they've invested in a vacation experience. We're committed to ensuring guests never feel coerced into a digital-only experience without human accountability."

Roger Graham, Founder of Orana Stay, echoes this sentiment, asserting, "In today’s tech-reliant world, where promises of Artificial Intelligence abound, it's easy for technology and hospitality businesses to overlook the irreplaceable human touch. At Orana Stay, we've always advocated for a balance between technology and human factors, especially in hospitality. By partnering with The Coastal Concierge and Chris Morton's team, we guarantee that Orana Stay not only provides the necessary technology but also offers guests the option to engage with a real person, bridging the gap between technology and genuine human interaction."

The demand for personalized experiences continues to surge, propelling the need for tailored solutions. Our advanced technology enables guests to enjoy customized interactions, significantly enhancing their satisfaction and setting a new standard in guest services.

The timing of this technological advancement couldn't be more opportune. As guests increasingly seek personalized experiences, the market eagerly anticipates solutions that cater to this trend. Lodging entities embracing this technology stand to gain from enhanced guest experiences, increased occupancy rates, and improved online reviews.

The Coastal Concierge and Orana Stay unite to revolutionize the hospitality landscape, presenting a platform that seamlessly integrates digital convenience with personalized care. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in guest services, offering unparalleled experiences for travelers globally, while strategically positioning both entities for growth and innovation in the industry.

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